The Gun Rack, in Turner's Falls Mass.


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Jan 30, 2017
N. Central MA
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I hadn't seen this shop posted yet other than the thread about the fabric store across the street.
Went today with my youngest son and his wife, he was hoping for a Glock 48, but bought a S&W 9mm.
I bought a S&W 9 Tactical.
Nice well stocked store, and pleasant employees to deal with.

I have been there quite a few times, I live about 10 miles away. They do have a decent supply of handguns, mostly the “modern style” autos. But I guess most people are after those instead of a used 1911 or large bore revolver. They do have a large selection of rifles and ammo also. I was going to buy a rifle last year but the amount offered on my trade was pretty low, low enough where I went to another store. On a good note, they usually have 5.56/.223 at a decent price, even with tax it is less than a trip to NH.
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