The Gun Guy

The first time he had to go into anonymous mode because of his new job. His political writings are definitely not PC. Businesses are very sensitive to that. In fact, he launched a new software product for home schoolers called "Did Today". That was a program to document and track the progress of kids home schooled. He had financial backing all lined up, but when the vetted him the backers got very nervous and pulled out of the deal. As a result, he lost the business. Which is why he had to go back and get a "real" job. Apparently one of the conditions of that was that he dump the KimduToit website.

It was picked up by the Nation of Rifleman Forum site under the name "The Gun Guy Speaks".

The second was due to NOR redoing their website. Why he decided to put his name back on the site, I don't know and he's not saying.

At least this is how I understand it, but there's a good possibility that I have some of the details wrong. In any case, all of the content from and has been carried over.

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