The Good Dude Thread

This will never fly in Massachusetts.

The state would prefer that you do in fact commit suicide and use your death to further gun control.

They would love that there is one less conservative gun owner on the voter rolls.

The pols would show their true colors if a bill was proposed to help suicidal people in Massachusetts. You can guarantee it would be rejected for the above reasons.

If a gun shop in Massachusetts were to build lockers in their store to help save lives, it would be great publicity and show them in a good light.

For the sake of logistics and efficiency - could a suicidal person just lock away the frame of handgun or rifle and leave the upper at their house?

Some people have parts to make 20 AR-15's but maybe only 2 are complete. Just lock up the complete lowers. The stripped lowers are less of a danger, right?

In the age of Fentanyl - I can't imagine anyone wanting to commit suicide with a gun. An amount of Fentanyl the size of a grain of salt is enough to end a life.

No matter the method of your demise - you will likely regret it at the last moment.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

If I were suicidal, I'd sooner call 988 and get hauled away to the nut house for a visit and risk losing all my guns for life, rather than finishing the job.
Whatever it takes. And the .gov should stay far away so they don’t f*** it up.
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