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The AR vs AK argument is settled forever

After a long day at the range you relax by visiting the chiropractor
[rofl] [laugh2] [rofl2]

Oh, G-d, that's hysterical... my sides are hurting I was laughing so hard.

I gotta save my pennies and get me an MN 91/30. Some day Real Soon Now. Honest.
You can bayonet your foe on the other side of the river without leaving the comfort of your hole.

My Mosin arrived today and the look on my son's face when I put the bayonet on it was priceless ! I could have used a shovel to scrape his jaw off the floor ! "Dad, you got a sword on your gun!" [smile]
I think of "You can knock down everyone else's target just from the shock wave of your bullet going downrange" every time I watch all the dust on the Loeb Range get swept to the back of the range by my M44

The polish ammo I have makes some pritty muzzle-flash. I'll be sad when it's gone...gotta get a spam-can!


-Weer'd Beard
I was getting acquainted with Ivana (My M91/30) at the range today and when I was packing up some guy pulls up and comes over to talk to me. He said he lived about a mile away and heard me shooting and had to come down and see "what the heck I had that was making all that noise." I mentioned NES.com as a source of info about milsurps and He nodded like he knew what I was talking about.

Well, it turns out my M91/30 doesn't have the matching numbers I thought it had but man oh man she is (bad pun coming [rolleyes] ) a blast to shoot ! I had picked up some ammo to wake her up and after five rounds I had knocked a metal plate off it's hanger. Really good "giggle factor" on this rifle to borrow a term from Dwarven1.
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Okay, in that case does anyone have a couple blanks and some shish ki bab making materials laying around? I bet I could flash fry anything with that rifle in about 3 shots if the last one I fired was any indication.
You should try mine...

It is a sporterized 91/30 with a shortened barrel, and the stock has been chopped to a standard rifle stock. No recoil pad, just the wood stock against your shoulder!
The recoil on my 91/30 isn't all that harsh. It's more like a good shove to the shoulder.

If you want to experience some serious recoil I'll let you try my Mossberg 535 with a 3.5" magnum turkey load. "Kicks like a mule" would be an accurate description. [smile]
I'd imagine that the MN wouldn't be that bad when you're wearing a Soviet winter uniform. then again when you have that much padding a PTRD antitake rifle fired from the shoulder probably wouldn't be that bad either.
Nashmack said:
Anyone got a recoil pad I can borrow?
Can't borrow you one, but only recommend the steel butt plate[smile]
Just pull it in as you should, and everything will be fine.
I had to learn the hard way too, shooting my K98k's with full house loads
with nothing but steel between the should and the wood[laugh]
Probably Manna Distributing in New Ipswitch NH. I have a family get together right down the street from there, so I think I'll stop into the shindig for a few minutes before heading out to the range.

Where ya from Twigg?
I've got 3 Mosins (91/30, M24 Finn, M28 Finn), if you avoid the carbines, they don't kick too bad. Just hold it TIGHT into your shoulder. My M28 doesn't kick bad at all.
MrTwigg said:
Funny how a thread about the AR vrs the AK is all about Mosin's. [thinking] [smile]

My AK will whup an AR anyday, as long as the contest isn't about accuracy. Or accessories. Or reliability with those supid American made mags. My AK still cycles with the reciever full of sand...(I didn't do it on purpose!) and with that nice chrome lining all ya gotta do is pass 4 patches through her and she's as clean as a whistle![smile]
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