Thank you Massfirearms

Jan 2, 2013
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I attended the UTAH Multistate class on 4/25, and what an amazing experience. Our instructor James was an amazing presenter. I work in sales and do a lot of sales seminars, and James had some of the best presentation skills I've ever seen.

The whole experience was top notch. The facility is beautiful and the staff was great. If anyone is looking to take a firearms class the MFS is should be your ONLY choice.

Thank you MFS!
I took my Basic Firearms Safety Course here. It was awesome. It is a great facility and staff. Store looks good too. I think I ma going to get a membership when my permit is issued. I do wish you could shoot 5.56 since they sell a Mossberg MVP that I would love to get.

MFS is #1.
I completely agree! I took my Basic Firearms Safety Course there this morning. The instructor Rich was superb, beyond professional and informative. It's an hour away from me here in Middleborough, but completely worth the drive - I'm considering becoming a member once I receive my LTC. If the other instructors are anything like Rich, I know I can learn a lot from MFS.

p.s. - This is my first post here on Northeastshooters :)
The class was 4 hours long. Felt like it was 30 mins. He had my full attention. I present seminars for a living and this was top notch. I drove over an hour to get there and would do it again and recommend everyone does.
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