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Dec 7, 2005
Upstate NY
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Every year the people who publish COMBAT HANDGUNS put out an annual called THE COMPLETE BOOK OF HANDGUNS.

For the last dozen years or so, it's been completely written by Massad Ayoob of LFI, and every year, in addition to the gun reviews, it's contained some excellent articles on training and training issues.

The 2006 issue just hit the newstands and one article is titled Ten Tactical Skills.

I'm going to list the them to provide a sort of checklist for everyone, and possibly some discussion points for us here. Of course, the article discusses each in detail, and I think everybody would find it a worthwhile read.

  • Safe and Certain Handling Skills
    Be Able to Hit Under Pressure
    Be Able to take Your Opponents Weapon - and Be Able to Stop Him From Taking Yours
    Know How to Shoot While Moving
    Sharpen Your Strong-Hand-Only Shooting Skills
    Know How to Perform Weak-Hand-Only
    Be Able to "Quick-Draw" From All of Your "Real-Deal" Gear.
    Be Able to Holster Your Weapon Smoothly, One-Handed, By Feel
    Be Able to Reload Your Gun Quickly and Positively
    Be Able to Draw and Shoot From Awkward Positions

A very good list, thanks for posting them. I think much of those topics have been touched on in the Training Tech. forum but could probably use more in-depth discussion.
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