Targets Galore...

Gee, from the title of this thread, I thought we were going to see something like this...
Funny you mention the office and shooting. Now, everybody here has obviously shot guns before, but I wasn't ready for what happened today.

Went across the street (on the facility) to take my Annual Occupational Health Physical. It's outsourced to a local company.

Fill out the usual forms, but as I normally do, I don't answer everything, especially firearms stuff. But I do mention Shooting as a hobby.

I see the PA, and as we leave the room he's checking the paperwork and he says "What do you hunt with?" I answer "I carried an AK in the woods last year, but usually use my M14." He replies "Springfield?" I still didn't catch on.

A little later, I'm in doing a Respirator Fit check. The nice lady doing it mentions she works for a different company locally that does OSHA assistance. I ask what kind of respirators she suggest for use while working with lead. She replies that her husband would have the answer, and she'll be glad to have him contact me. So, we talk a little about what the business is, and the PA overhears part of the conversation. He says "Gun Shop? Did someone mention Gun Shop?" "See me before you leave!" (All in a good way, of course) She also was impressed that it's a family business.

So, I see him before leaving. He mentions he owns a Springfield M1A among other guns. I tell him it's not really a "Gun Shop", but we're Ammo Manufacturers (remember, I'm not talking about my regular job). Ira makes the stuff, I help him sell it. We walk down stairs, and out to hus car, he hands me a copy of "Gun Tests" and mentions it's good. Real nice guy.

And some of you wonder WHY I like living in Vermont?
In the same context as Nickle's post (a bit off-topic [wink] ), during one of two interviews I had at TI in Lubbock, TX back in 1978/9 I walk into the supervisor's office and spot a Shotgun News on his desk. You can guess where a fair amount of the conversation went from there! [smile]
Len, remember, I went into a MEDICAL facility, to see non-military MEDICAL people. The PA was a Veteran, though, 10+ years Regular Army, an ex-Captain. I can see why he got out. He's human.
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