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Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

Based on the OP, I'm guessing they want the word to get out.

I can guarantee you that once "word gets out" to those in power, they will get hammered.

Best that this post get deleted and people don't post that sort of info here again.
If the shop in-question has obtained legal consultation, and having evaluated the situation, have elected to proceed then there is no concern posting this information here.

Indeed, it seems like they want to tell Maura to GFY. Placing an order this afternoon.
Based on the OP, I'm guessing they want the word to get out.

I do agree that there is a difference between companies flying under the radar (wouldn't want to out them and ruin it) vs. a company that decided "We know the AGs position and reject it".

Deep down I would just enjoy if Target Sports was doing this publicly and made Maura aware of it.
How dense are you

Don’t answer I know this one

Edit: That’s a little tongue in cheek, but yes delete this. They told me the same on the phone and I told them how impressed I was that they didn’t just pull the handle on MA like everyone else.
I just got off the phone with Target Sports. They will ship ammo to you again if you send them a copy of your LTC. They Lawyered up and said that state has no legal claim to stop this.

Great news! Good to see people challenging this rogue AG. She is out of control. Hope they have a good lawyer.

I ordered as soon as I saw the problems last month. I didn't NEED ammo, but selling my reloading equipment (just not shooting enough) and wanted to have some stock on hand.

Now I'll have stock on hand. I can breathe easier. LOL
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