WTS Tantal AK-74 5.45x39 Complete Parts Kit with Receiver and US parts


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May 28, 2009
Belchertown, MA
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I've got a build it yourself Tantal AK-74 up for sale. Included in this package:

1. 1992 Tantal parts kit with original Polish barrel. Matching numbers on trunion, bolt, carrier, gas tube, and action cover. Back when parts kits were widely available I had several Tantal kits and kept this one because it was in the best shape. Shown in this pic is the special US made thread protector as well as the original grenade launcher/ compensator.

Tantal 1.jpg

Tantal 3.jpg

2. New old stock Nodakspud NDS-2 EZ receiver. There is a little light surface rust around the cross member, as always seems to happen to these. I bought a bunch of receivers between 2005 and 2010, and had them transferred through the Ware Gunshop. They FA-10d the receivers when they transferred them to me, so I will transfer this to you on an FA-10 as well. I will include a copy of the bill of sale from Nodakspud dated 2009.
3. US Parts: Black poly AK74 stock, muzzle thread cover made for the Tantal, Tapco G2 trigger group that was mounted in the past.
4. Extras: Sling, bipod, extra black foregrip and gas tube cover (appear to be Tantal originals painted black), and black poly Beryl gas tube cover.

Tantal 2.jpg

The Tantal stock attaches to a standard AK74 trunion, so you can either mount the folder for an original look, or the black set for a more standard 74 look. With the way these are set up, you can swap between the two sets in only a few minutes.

Price for the whole package is $1500 now $1400 cash, FTF in Belchertown, which is in Western MA. LTC-A is required for purchase, and we will transfer through EFA-10. Not interested in any trades at this time. I'll entertain offers on just the receiver (been on the books in MA since 2009), but prefer to sell the entire package.

Statement of Legal compliance:
I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of your dealer's FFL (or your 03FFL if this is a Curio and Relic). For private party face-to-face transactions (only permitted by Fed law when both buyer and seller live in same state), I will meet all applicable state and federal laws.

When ammunition, magazines or other regulated items are sold/bought or traded as part of this transaction, I agree to follow all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to these items.
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