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Talk about your slow learners


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Mar 9, 2005
Litchfield, NH
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I guess there are still people with such a tenuous grip on reality that this is actually news.


The Cincinnati Post on the One Year Anniversary of Ohio's Right-to-carry law

Concerns that Ohio's law would spark more bloodshed in the Buckeye State have proved unfounded.

Kim Norris of the Ohio attorney general's office said implementation of the law permitting hidden guns "has gone very smoothly."
"We've worked with county sheriffs diligently" to set up the system for obtaining licenses, she said.
Hoover, whose group opposes the law, conceded, "There's been no increase in violence."


I can't believe the media even brought it up since the concealed carry is doing well in Ohio. I'm actually quite shocked.

Selective amnesia.

I've seen essentially the same article published after each of a half dozen different states passed concealed carry laws. Florida, Texas, Michigan, everytime they're suprised, shocked, astounded, that there hasn't been blood flowing in the streets when the great unwashed hords can carry guns legally. It never seems to enter their tiny little minds that the people who do all the drive-bys and other crimes were already carrying when it was illegal.

You're 100% right. The law makers don't understand criminals because they have never been in the same zipcode as the bad guys. I'm still waiting for FL to turn in to the wild west like the Libs were crying about a few weeks ago.
You'll note, however, that the majority of the time, the knee jerk reaction story is front page above the fold. The "follow up" about how well it's going usually winds up on page 10 next to an ad for tree service or a funeral home. <snort>
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