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Support for Our Troops

If I was the letter writer I would not apologize to the family or the Air Force because my foot would be too far down my throat and other peoples' feet would be too far up my butt.
It's just another sign of the selfishness our nation is migrating towards as a whole. Never stopped to think about the consequences of the words spilling from his pie-hole. I guess if you're going to step on it, you might as well do it so everyone can see.
As some sort of hybrid liberal, I question a lot of government policy, activity and yes, deployment of our Armed Forces, but if a formation of hot stuff roars overhead, I stop in my tracks (or run outside) with goosebumps and take it all in until they're out of sight. Then I wait a minute to see if they're coming back.

As my fiancé says, some people would complain if you hung them with a new rope.
A week and a half ago the Providence Journal ran stories about the female Soldier who was KIA (Last name Charette) and the female who was awarded the Gold Star (Hester). The stories ran in the same section and continued on the inside on opposite pages. I sat in my brother's restaurant (where I sling hash) on Sunday mornings, and I wept at the counter. I just wept. Reading the story of how Hester and one other soldier fought off insurgents while treating wounded and scrambling for cover and returning fire and then reading how Charette (a young woman of 21) had always wanted to serve her country, and had in the highest degree...well, it all just killed me.
Glad to know that there are others for whom these stories bring great emotion. My brother (ex-Marine--Vietnam clean up) never misses an opportunity to rib me about anything (it's what big brothers are for) but when he saw what I was reading, he squeezed my shoulder and handed me a napkin.
Thanks Playmore, I might have to get even with you for that story.....it is a great one. It is nice seeing people actually care.
Thanks for the warning Mrs. W. I just got back on line (my hard drive kicked the bucket on Thursday afternoon so I'm playing catch up now). I'll save reading those for later.
MrsWildweasel said:
I have a whole bunch of those for you Lynne,but you'll need more than one box of tissue when I get done.
Here's a few....
http://www.herosalute.com/states/big_game_ad_WMhi.html that one is one of my favorites.
There's a few for you. Now you've had my Kleenex Warning. [lol]

Damn. I was hanging in there on the first one until I saw the little girl holding up a picture of her father... My daddy, my hero. These are being sent out to my dist list. (and I did need a box after all three)
MrsWildweasel said:
At least I warned you. I can probably find afew more if you want. [twisted] [twisted]

If you do, please post them. I have a list of folks I send stuff like this to (some are former military) and they forward them on to their dist lists.

Wasn't the Anheiser Busch (sp?) one shown during a superbowl? I know I've seen that one before, and I cried like a baby seeing it the second time too.

Ya know...I've seen The Patriot 7 or 8 times now (we have the video), and I STILL cry my eyes out when the little girl runs after Martin yelling "Papa!" I'm such a softie that it's disgusting.
Yes the Anheiser one was played during the superbowl. See what I can come up with for you. Just don't blame me for the tears. I do always put a kleenex warning though.
A friend of mine told me that the Moving Wall is in Amesbury, MA until July 24th. I'll find out where and post it here. He does CW reenactments with hubby and I, but he also does VN and WWI as well. He went up there today to get a display set up.

While he was there, an older woman was looking at the wall and asked him if he would take her picture. Turns out her son's name is on the wall. When she told him that, he got a lump in his throat. Personally, I would have cried.

I had a number of cousins that were in Nam. Two received a Purple Heart and one of them got a Silver Star. That one was just in a car accident back in Nov. - he's paralyzed from the waist down now. It really sucks to have lived through all that and have black ice get you at home.
Okay - non military person question... I just got the name of another guy to write to in Iraq - his rank is SSG - does that mean he's a Staff Sgt.?
There was a story in the paper last night how a number of Vets are upset with the movie "Wedding Crashers" - evidently in the movie the two use fake Purple Hearts to get girls and drinks. I look an see if the story is on line and post the link.

I'd be upset too. One of the Vets is from Haverhill and he said people need to remember that this medal is because someone died or got hurt. Evidently his son was killed in Afganistan and he's got his son's medal.
Well, if they showed the 2 using bogus PH's to get drinks as bozo's, then it's not really a bad thing.

I don't see myself watching "Wedding Crashers", from what I've seen of the teasers.
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