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Jun 21, 2005
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Today while hunting in a state forest that borders federal land. I came across a sign. The sign read

You better hope I don’t see you reading this sign.
I can see very far through my scope.
Be careful not to step on the foot traps.
Now how funny do you think you are?

That’s not verbatim but pretty close. I called the Federal Conservation officers and he met me near the sign. When I was showing him he said I hope they do see me looking at this sign, and I see them. I thought that was funny. He did a good job, he looked all around, and took pictures.

I was pissed off because this was my spot to hunt and I have hunted there for years. It’s not going to stop me from hunting there, just make me a little more cautious.

What’s your thoughts?

I think it was an anti hunter, and not another hunter. First because it is state land, although pretty well hiding and not easily accessed, every hunter who hunts on state land pretty much knows that they will eventually see another hunter. Also the part “I can see very far through my scope” leads me to believe that they have no idea that most hunters are using shotguns scopes with at the most 1x magnification.
what state forest? got a pic of the sign? i know there are antis but i didnt know they were looking to hurt us. be safe.
I don't want to give away my spot because it is state land and not a state park. IF you hunt on state land in Eastern MA, IM me and I'll let you know exact location.

Who ever did this planned it, because the sign was laminated making it water proof. I am going to go out there again this afternoon. I not looking for trouble, but feel like I should not let them win by intimidating me.
I not looking for trouble, but feel like I should not let them win by intimidating me.

Good for you! Not like someone as ignorant as one who would put up a sign like that would be ANY bit of a threat anyway!

I am picturing a geeky little yuppie, wearing a pastel polo shirt, under his LL Bean fleece, made the sign up at work, to scare hunters away from his "secret wilderness sanctuary".

Screw them! Better you than me out there if someone came up to confront me about being there while I'm out hunting!
We always figured that if actually needed to read the directions for them, we probably didn't to be any near you when the fecal matter came into the general vacinity of the rotating blades. [shocked]

what does that mean?


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