steel or aluminum I-beam material?


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Dec 17, 2010
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I'm looking to get my RCBS JR2 up off the bench to a more comfortable height..around 9 or 10 inches. I just put my Dillon on a strong mount and it made a big difference in the comfort department.

There are places out there that sell mounts for the RCBS stuff but they are a bit pricey, not crazy expensive but I think if I could find a short piece of I beam about 10" tall, about 6" long with say 6" flat parts, I could make my own easily.

Does anyone here have access to I beam material or know where I could get some in NH. Like I said, I only need a very short piece.

IANAE, but US standard I beam cross sections do not appear to be available with a a 6" flange and a 10" web.
\S10x35 is close, at 10" web and 5" (approx) flanges.

You're correct...I wasn't too educated on I/H beams when I submitted the OP...I did some research and found what you found. The s10x35 would be fine.

My wife reminded me later on we have a friend that owns a steel fabrication company near us...I will call him on Monday and see if he can help me out.
Also check with scrappers - They may be willing to pass on a chunk of I fairly cheaply, 2- to 4- scrap value would still be fairly cheap for a one-time purchase.
I found out we have a bunch of different thicknesses of scrap aluminum in the machine shop where I work...I talked to the shop manager (who is a friend of mine and also a reloader).

He's going to give me what I need to build a stand using .50" flat stock held together with 1/4-20 machine screws...he even offered to cut, drill and tap it for me to make sure everything is square. I wish I knew how to do this stuff (run a machine) but he said he'll do it for beer [cheers].

He told me he'd rather someone who works there use it than selling it off as scrap for 25 cents on the dollar.

Pictures when it's complete...
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