STEEL CHALLENGE (SCSA) @ New Bedford - Sunday 9/30


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Dec 23, 2005
South Eastern Massachusetts
Thanks to a grant from the NRA Foundation, the Rod & Gun Club of New Bedford is hosting a 5 stage Steel Challenge match on Sunday - September 30th. You will need a minimum of 125 rounds (you should bring at least 200 rounds). Registration open until 9:25am, shooting starts at 9:30am.

Entry fee: $15
Juniors (under 18): $10

Only a single entry per shooter, no multiple entries.

Steel Challenge info can be found here:

Info and directions to the club are here:

Many, MANY different divisions to choose from:
Center Fire - Open
Center Fire - Iron Sights
Center Fire - Production
Revolver - Open
Revolver - Iron Sights
Revolver - Cowboy Single Action
Rimfire Pistol - Open
Rimfire Pistol - Iron Sights
Rimfire Rifle - Open
Rimfire Rifle - Iron Sights
Pistol Caliber Carbine - Open
Pistol Caliber Carbine - Iron Sights

Minimum caliber for Center Fire divisions is 9x19 / .38 Special. Rimfire division must be .22LR only. No armor piercing or tracer ammo allowed.

Rimfire pistol, Rimfire rifle and Pistol Caliber Carbine start from the low-ready. All other divisions start from a holster. If you don’t have a holster, you can still play, you will just be assessed a small time penalty per run to make up for it.

Steel Challenge is lots of fun, involves very little or no movement, great for new shooters and kids (as long as they are safe and have good gun handling skills - parent or guardian must be present). Shooters of all skill levels will enjoy this sport, from the most basic novice to the most experienced grand masters. New shooters welcome, as are spectators. Everyone on the range must wear eye and ear protection at ALL TIMES.

The match runs with a COLD RANGE: All firearms will be kept UNLOADED except on the firing line under the direct supervision of a Match Officials.

Gun handling at Safe tables only and must be brought to the firing line in a holster or case (for rifles, must be muzzle up with empty chamber flag installed)

Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters and spectators.

Holsters: In general, holsters shall be mounted in the general vicinity of the waist, must cover the trigger, and must safely hold/retain the gun.

Each competitor is expected to come to the firing line ready to shoot, with an appropriate amount of ammunition in an appropriate number of magazines or speed-loaders or other loading devices.

Any standard plate which has not been hit before the stop plate will count as a Miss. Each Miss on a standard plate will result in a 3 (three) second penalty, added to the shooter’s time for that string.

If the stop plate is not hit, the score for that string is 30 seconds

See you all Sunday!
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Jul 28, 2005
Serious question. Lots of people see to ask what stages are being run at SC matches... why? Do you guys practice those stages before the match?
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Dec 24, 2006
Thanks for a great match. Running two relays and getting the scores out this quickly requires a lot of dedication.
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May 18, 2012
That was a great opportunity to run the course twice around. [smile] Thanks David for helping out a new steel shooter. I'll be there at the next one.
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