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SPF - All TRW Jon Wolfe Built James River Armory Rockola (Bula Forge) M14


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Apr 4, 2013
Inducky, Yusa
Here we have one of the crown jewels of my M14 collection. Specs are as follows on this Jon Wolfe Build:

-Custom heel stamp JRA Rockola (Bula Forge) receiver made for 'The Firing Line' M14 enthusiasts with the famous DOD/CMP eagle w/arrows and stars heel stamp.

-Wilson Arms standard profile (and weight) National Match 22" barrel (not chrome lined and stamped next to receiver with the headspace 1.631 by Jon Wolfe)

-TRW Bolt with electric pencil etched last 4 of the barreled receivers serial number and all USGI guts/roller

-TRW Forged One-Piece Operating Rod with drain hole. Tab is in excellent condition.

-TRW Complete Trigger Group with correct K8 Safety and TRW Hammer

-Overton (TRW Contract) Birch Stock

-Shimmed gas system perfectly fitted to barrel

-USGI Flash Hider w/Bayonet Lug (Can be substituted for lug-less flash hider free of charge or SEI NM Coast Guard compensator for An extra $100)

-BMB (Beretta) Windage Knob

This rifle is CMP Modern Military match legal and shoots excellent. It has been tested out to 600 yards where it did surprisingly well with irons.

All said, I'm guessing the rifle has less than 150 rounds through it, and it shows in the condition (look at the bolt face photo.)

I'm into the rifle for more than I'd like to admit, but asking $SPF shipped anywhere in the lower 48

Will also be listing one of my M1's in the next few days as well.

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