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Jan 14, 2006
South Eastern, MA
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Is there any where here in Mass. still selling Saiga rifles? I had one a while back and sold it, now i'm sorry I did. Think I bought it from Four Seasons for $179. I'd like to pick one up in 223 or 308 and maybe a Saiga shotgun too but haven't seen them around lately.
Also, whats the legality issue of high cap magazines with these? I'm pretty sure there is a way to convert them to accept standard 30 round AK mags. If its a no no here, no big deal, I still want to pick one up. friend has a brand new saiga 20 gauge still in the box and wrapper...its in my safe cuz he doesnt have a long gun safe...he bought it just for the hell of it and never used it...if your interested ill talk to him see if he wants to sell it
If you can't find one your local dealer can order it from or another saiga distributor they are listed on the saiga site;

Isn't "We are Guns" a Mass. Dealer? I think i seen saiga's on his website too.

Besides the saiga shotguns the saiga sporters in the synthetic stocks in 308win w/16" barrel and the one in .223rem w/16" barrel are a neat pair to have and there a hoot to shoot too. I'd get both for sure.

If you don't want to spend the cash on a new one i would checkout the used gun section in the dealers in your area too. I found a 308 saiga with 16" barrel, extra mag and a scope for $229 still in new condition. I was browsing for a new hunting rifle but couldn't pass up this buy too even though i didn't need it. So its my new hunting rifle now.

If you want a synthetic stock sporter i wouldn't wait too long either because i can't find them on the saiga website anymore that model may have been discounted because i only see the wood stock saiga in 308 and the hunting model 100 in 308 too. I don't see the 308 synthetic stock listed anymore on the saiga importer's site but there lised at the saiga central site but for how much longer i'm not sure. While i'm not positive about this it looks this way.
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Do a search here on "We Are Guns" or Richard Feinberg . . . lots of info. He's a has-been under indictment for allegations of illegally selling guns. I'd guess that he's out of business as of now.
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