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WTS Sony Receiver and JBL Studio Speakers (5.0)

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Mar 18, 2012
A Fair Haven in an unfair state.
Up for sale is my 5.0 JBL Studio L Series speakers. The set includes 2 towers, 2 book shelfs and 1 center channel

Towers are L890s
Book shelfs are L830s
Center Channel is LC2

Also up for sale with them is my Sony ES Receiver (STR-DA1800ES) HDMI 1.3 7.2 Surround receiver.
7.2 Channel A/V Receiver with 100W per ch. (8 Ohm 20-20kHz 0.09%THD)
Built-in Wi-Fi to easily stream music from the internet
Stream music from your iPhone/iPad/iPod, iTunes or compatible Apps with AirPlay)
Built-in Bluetooth for music streaming from your smart phone or tablet
8 HD Inputs (6 HDMI, 2 Component)

Package deal: 600.00
Willing to accept trades in the form of guns/ammo/cash combinations. Make an offer.

Speakers are in unblemished, excellent condition and perfect working order. If you care to look on ebay to see what just the towers are selling for (500+). I'm selling an entire set. The book shelfs are selling for 200+. The center channel is selling for over 300. New, the towers were 900.00 each, the bookshelves were 400.00 each and the center channel was 400.

These are just waaaay more than I need. I've downsize to just a sound bar. They sound excellent and if you live in an apartment they come with a guaranteed eviction notice... You'll need a nice receiver to drive them. I happen to be selling one with them.

If you contact me please provide information in which I can reach you at. If you just use the reply feature of craigslist but do not include your email or tel # I have no way to contact you.


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