Something smells fishy

I know. The seller has great reviews. He has 90 of the Aimpoints in stock. How could he sell them for that cheap?
It is most likely a knock-off, for that kind of price you have to believe you will get what you pay for. I bought a $70 green laser sight from Hong Kong, and while the laser itself works fine, the mount is so cheap as to be useless, it is unable to adjust or hold a position.
I just saw this under the little question/answer section...

Q: Do these scopes really say AimPoint on the side like the photos show? Do you have actual Photos If not? What are the specs on the sight will they handle 5.56 nato recoil from an AR-15 Rifle
A: Hi,thanks for your email. All of my M2 products are produced by a chinese professional optical instrument factory. They produced for an European importer and produced according to professional standard. Their quality is very good. Our M2 is the exact same with the pictures shown. Please feel free to let me know if you have any question. Best Regards. Mike
It's a replica. It may not even say Aimpoint on it when it arrives. I ordered one last year, just because it was short money and I wanted to check the quality. It shoots true and I've had no problems with it.

I bought from a different vendor, though.
I loved this from the post:

Mounting and adjusting : Connect the aiming with the rifle first. in the next, turn the riflescope so as to the transfer line of the crosshair being in horizontal direction. And then, adjust the position of the riflescope for comfortable aiming. At last ,wring all the regular screws.
I forget if it was Aimpoint, EoTech or Trijicon (ACOG), that had a legal battle a year or two ago with some vendors/distributors selling cheap knock-offs at the Shot Show.

The counterfeits are popular with and better suited for the Airsoft crowd.
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