Some more Left wing common sense

"Lets just pack up and leave, who cares if the place isn't ready to run on it's own. Let it become a breeding ground for terrorists..." D.

Yep...let's do that. Yes it will become a breeding ground for terrorists after the bloody civil war that ensues and whatever despotic faction finally prevails..

Not pleasant, not pretty and to a younger person, probably not very American...but we just don't have the horses to pull the wagon and make it come off. And, no...I am not a defeatist...but for many of you for the first time in your young lives are living with the reality that the United States simply has no interest in prolonged, sacrificial conflicts. Some of us have walked down that road including Murtha. The politicians both in and out of uniform will see to it that we don't win.

We have bigger threats in this world and we need a strong and viable ground component to meet these threats. We also have a problem with our own security here at home. Arguably, and this is the best argument for the war: we are fighting them over there now and not over here.

We could have won in Viet Nam and we could win in Iraq, but we won't and we can't...and the terrorist war against the United States will be fought on our home shores...and then, and only then will we hopefully have the resolve to fight and prevail.

Do you know what the motto of the US should be: Not in "God we Trust" or "E plurbus unum" but DON"T PISS US OFF...that's the problem we aren't pissed off is too good and as long as the very rich, the politicians and the vested interests of our establishment don't have a blood investment in this war i.e. no sons or daughters serving there....they really don't give a s**t.

Remember that every great empire rotted from within...


Actually Mark, I think you're wrong on several points.

We could never had won in Vietnam. I've researched that war quite a bit, and there is NO way we could have won, short of executing the entire country.

About Iraq, some of my information comes from people that have had "boots on the ground". The media is completely wrong, and they're not telling the American public the truth. We need to see the job through. and the Iraqi's are trying to help themselves.

Should we ever have gotten involved in Iraq? Maybe not (though I think we were right to have gotten involved), but just pulling out ISN'T the answer to that.

One thing we DO agree on is the politicians will screw us there, along with the panty-waisted media. The sheeple in this country may distrust the media some, but not enough distrust it yet, and 3 out of 4 major TV networks are run by liberals that want to subjugate the US to the UN, and turn the US into a socialist state, similar to what the USSR was, without the good points (there were a very few) of that system.
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