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so what kinda light do you carry?

Dec 30, 2005
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(not sure if this belongs in the hardware section or what,so mods can move if needed)

i recently picked up a new led flash light from dorcy.dang thing is brighter then the cheap 3D flash light i bought from advance and it's only runs off 3 aaa.


i don't plan on being tough with it,just mild duty like while i'm doing security work.

so...what does everyone else carry?

(ya,it's weird question..i guess)
Carried a Mag-Lite 5 cell rechargeable for many years. When it was stolen, I replaced it with a StreamLight Stinger XT.
A few Mag-lights, usually a 3-D model. Now use Surefire 8AX Commander rechargeable. (my extra one is for sale in the classified section). Also just picked up the Mag-light 3-D LED, its really nice.

Also just picked up the Mag-light 3-D LED, its really nice.

i thought about one of those but needed something compact.granted my new light won't light up the side of the building like the cheap version of the 3-D mag light i had did...but it should do the jod.

it throws off a nice white light instead of a yellowish.

(i'll find out monday night how it does)
I still carry my original issue Surefire 6P. It use to be rechargeable, but I think the battery wore out. I use lithium batteries now.

Surefire C2 Centurion.

Inova X5 LED - in computer tricks bag.... good for lighting up the
interior of a case to work on it with low power draw.

I keep a 3 cell "D" maglite in the car, and I have the huge one
at my house... I think it's at least 5 cells.

I keep a gerber one bulb led on my key rings so I always have one.
I've got a cheap Lowe's model on my uniform belt for now, as I'm not doing too much work at night. When I start working nights, I'll switch back to my Surefire G2.
For a full sized carry flashlight, I go with 3 d cell Maglite.
Around the house I've got a half dozen 2 d cell military flashlights with the angle head that I've amassed over the years. Just so I can find one that works when the lights go out.

That reminds me, it's time to swap out the batteries again. I do it every fall when I change the smoke alarm batteries. So far, every time I grap a flashlight since I started this routine, the thing worked.
My primary light is a pentagon X3. Agreat light, and less then half the price of a surefire. I also have a surefire G2Z and a pelican m6. The pelican is a great little light for the money
I have a Nitrolon surefire I keep in the car, a 6P that seems to be broken, and a Maglite 3 D-cell that I use when I need a light for more than a minute or two.

Workforce Sportspot (Home Depot?)

Just be aware to make sure the trigger isn't pulled while charging.
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