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Feb 25, 2005
Putnam, CT
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I am visiting a friend in MN and he breaks out his rifle collection and this came out.






Nice little pump action 22 rifle. As Borat says, "Very Nice".
Gallery guns are pretty cool,my neighbor has a couple of his grandfather's.Collector's Coin Gallery usually has a couple of the Brazilian copies in the ~$125 range it seems.Norinco also made a copy but I haven't seen one around in a while.They were probably made closer to the original,but not as well as the modern copy;somewhat like their 1911's.
Very nice little rifle. I've got a Model 1906 myself, and it's a great little shooter. I like to bring it with the autoloaders, and use it to fire all the .22s that won't work in the autos... [wink]
I love those little pumps...

Isn't that modled after the Colt Lighting?

Nope. Very different actions. I believe the Winchester was designed by John Moses Browning himself.

I have one of the Rossi carbines (it's a copy of the Winchester 62). It's short to begin with, and it's a take-down on top of that. It's got a flip-up tang sight on it too. I bought it for my son as his 1st .22. They're great little guns.
I have one of these , this pic isn't mine , But my Stevens Gallery is identical.
it will shoot 22short, 22 , & 22 LR. Some one wanted to throw it out 12 or 15 years ago when I worked for a moving company. Needed a lot of care to get it cycling properly.

Brings back a few memories.

At one time I had a Rossi .22 pump action. Was a great little plinker and this particular thread makes me regret ever selling it. [sad]

And in n earlier time period... I can remember when fairgrounds here actually had a shooting gallery on the midway (canted/off-center sights... so the rumor goes).
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