Small Pistol Primers


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Apr 1, 2005
Norfolk County, Massachusetts
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Anyone seen any around lately in or around the 128 belt? I know, dumb question, but I am
getting low and could use at least a K of them, more like 2K or 3K. I tried Riley's over the
weekend but it was a no go on the small pistol. They did have small rifle and large pistol
if anyone is looking for them (CCI). Call first as they seem to fly off the shelves.

Does anyone know the knock on CCI primers BTW? Every time I go into Riley's they seem to
have some assortment of CCI but nothing else.
I also think CCI are great primers, I've yet to experience a failure using them. Riley's has over a million primers on back order, this is why they are getting supplied the way they are.
Like I keep saying, PUT YOUR OWN ORDER IN at your local dealer. That way when they DO come in, whatever you ordered is YOURS. You should offer to pay for them in advance. Buy as many as your pocket allows. I'm usually buying in 15,000 qty lots.
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