Small 9mm for carry - what to get?

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Nov 8, 2005
drgrant said:
I don't think ammolab has tested any of the loudenboomer wheelgun
calibers. Some of them would likely offer deep penetration and
crack the plate, and expand nicely. I think ammolabs intent was to
analyze calibers, barrel lengths, and ammo commonly used for duty
use- which these days 99.9% of the time involves an semiautomatic
handgun of some sort. Wheelguns arent seen in LE much anymore save
for a few holdouts that prefer to carry them and a lot of BUGs
(eg a J-frame).


Maybe they will make a comeback. I wonder if the absence of these things leads to or led to the turn from revolvers to autoloaders.

dwarven1 said:
... What I want:
Small - pocket sized.
9MM or above (9mm is LOTS cheaper to practice with than .380, not to mention having more punch)...

I doubt we'll get these, but since I just read an article about it:
NAA Guardian .32 NAA
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