Site you can get some good deals on firearms...

Unfortunately, I doubt that we MA subjects can buy much from there - since they buy seized guns from the cops, there sure aren't going to be many MA compliant guns there! [sad]
Sure there is he has a ton of Smith-wesson models cheap and there on the list and he has wheel guns and has some Mass legal G17, which I emailed four season about to look into buying them from the guy for sale up here.
blood hound said:
how can he sell confiscated guns on there???

Depends on the PD and state and local laws. It's not that uncommon that some PDs auction off confiscated firearms. The money received supplements their operating budget.
MA is relatively unique that they destroy confiscated guns instead of turning them into $$ like almost every other state does.
I would get them from the guys site and have four season do the paper work even with shipping and paper work its going to be cheap then what four season can do!!!
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