Simunition Gun Home Defense Class at CDI


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Jan 30, 2013
Sunday we took a home defense class using Simunition guns in realistic situations.
The Sim guns shoot bullets with an exploding paint tip kinda like paintball. They look like a decent size 9mm.

The class covered:

· Should I use my gun?

o Should I have my gun out or should I be pointing at someone?

o Is it legal to do that?

o Is this a real threat against my life?
· Is this Person moving?

o Running away or running at you?

o Moving side to side or using cover?
· Is This Person armed?

o Can this person shoot back?

o Is this Person quicker or more accurate than me?
· What’s this Person saying?

o Are they making sense?

o Should I believe them?
· Can I figure this all out under this stress?

o While I’m being shot at?

o When I am moving?

o How many more of them are there?

o Am I protecting the other people in my house?

There were four realistic scenarios. They started you out in various ways. One scenario you were basically moving around the room in the dark.

The "shoothouse" was not that large of a room and it was difficult to maneuver. I managed not to block the door or get trapped in a corner. I don't think I shot anyone who didn't shoot anyone who didn't deserve it.

On the down side I was "disarmed" twice. If they could reach out and touch your gun you were disarmed so you had to start again.

One of the scenarios where we were in the dark I hesitated to fire because I was not sure if the bad guy was the "utility worker" I had just let in or if there was another bad guy hidden in the room. I did eventually shoot him but I got hit in the arm and shoulder. LOL When he was down I was ready to just leave the house until they reminded me there were still family members in there. So I went back in. And the bad guy who was down, with his weapon in the middle of the floor crying that he was hurt, had a back up gun and shot me again. I felt pretty god about how I did over all since I thought I would screw it up worse than I did. All the instructors were very positive and didn't make you feel like an idioit.

It was a great class. Helpful to see what you need to work on. It was good to practice in a more realistic role play situation

CDI - Critical Defense Institute

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