SiGARMS SigTac® Concealed Carry Coats?


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Apr 30, 2005
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From the monthly SiGARMS email blast I just received:

New SigTac® Concealed Carry Coats

It's that time of the year and the new SigTac® Concealed Carry Coats are just now arriving. The first model to hit the warehouse here in Exeter is our standard Concealed Carry Coat (shown above in first row) which is now available in the new color of Chocolate and features a left chest zippered pocket - a suggestion from several customers. The next coat scheduled to arrive is the 3/4 Length Concealed Carry Coat. Again, several of our customers asked for a coat with a little more length that would allow them the option to carry in a holster. This model is available in either Chocolate or Forest Green and features 2 chest pockets, storm cuffs, and deeper front pockets. This model will retail for $129.95 ($139.95 for 2XL & 3XL). These are scheduled to arrive in Exeter in late August. And finally, the SigTac® coat that was the hot item at both SHOT Show and the NRA Show - the All Leather Concealed Carry Coat (above lower left). Retailing for $299.95 ($329.95 for 2XL & 3XL) this version of our popular coat is just great looking. There's no better way to describe it. Made from genuine leather and to standards that leave other companies in the dust, this coat will be in high demand this year. We already have several orders on file just from the people that work here at SIG. If you are a leather coat type of guy then you need to contact your dealer today and preorder one of these coats because THEY WILL GO FAST. The leather coat is scheduled to arrive at the end of September.
Anyone ever try one out? How does the leather one look? Sounds like a nice idea; wisth that had the 3/4 length in leather, it'd be a winner -- look sharp and carry IWB or the hidden coat pocket.

Those look wicked comfy...Anyone know of any stores you can buy them? I'd like to try it on before just spending $100....
Producer, or anyone else who has one. When you carry does the firearm feel secure in the pocket? Is it a snug fit/holster like. Also does the pocket have a zipper or velcro??

been thinking about putting one on the christmas list...
Producer, or anyone else who has one. When you carry does the firearm feel secure in the pocket? Is it a snug fit/holster like. Also does the pocket have a zipper or velcro??

been thinking about putting one on the christmas list...

Love it. Been about a year, and no major wears. I carry a SW990L compact .40. Fits well, and feel comfortable putting it into the elastic while its cocked. When I am very protective, I carry 2 cz52's. I have carried a full 1911 with this jacket.

for the price I can't see much complaint. I just remembered to size down. I am a fairly big guy, and the Xl was too big.
Better try before you buy

+1 I'd like to know, too!

Well. I figured I would have to find out the hard way. I ordered the black leather in L. I normally take like a 42 or 44 Long. It's room enough and the sleeves are long enough. The cut is OK, the look pleases the wife.

However, the "pistol pockets" are less then satisfactory. What they did was add a piece fabric, some poly blend I guess, layer that is sewn to the lower edge, up the side seem under the arm, and across the chest about nipple high. Then the entire edge at the zipper is velcroed.

I think my folding stock mini-14 would fit in there! This "pocket" is huge. Too big. My normal carry piece just floats around in there. I haven't worn it out but just around the house. I felt the Glock smacking me at all angles as it spins around in there (it was unloaded). I'm sure in the truck it would bounce continuously. I don't think even a pocket holster would help because there it's so roomy there would be no friction. You could never rely on the orientation of the pistol when you went to draw. Oh and the chest pocket for wallet etc.. is inside this big velcro pocket.

I'm not happy with this velcro aspect either. It's not a quiet draw. And it's still not a one hand draw despite some practice today; because you need to pull the two sides apart. I was expecting a pocket more fitting the size of a 1911, maybe even leather on the inside too for comfort. A pocket that held the pistol in place with out a lot of movement and definately a constant orientation. With snap closures so you could insert one hand, spread the fingers to break the connection, and draw. If I keep the coat, I might do something to nullify the velcro in some areas to simulate the snaps.

I just don't know how to get over the bouncing spinning pistol in the too roomy pocket problem.

That's my experience. There salesperson said they had a no-questions asked return policy, so I'll just have to eat the shipping both ways.


If it would interests folks, I could take some pictures.
Thanks for the review, Chuck! I take about a 42R-43R, so would a medium be better, or is the large just right, but has big pockets?...Sorry, just didn't get a clear read on that part of the review.

If it's not too much trouble for a few pictures, it'd be greatly appreciated, especially since all you see on the website is a front view of the jacket...No rush though, really...Whenever.
is the large just right,

I'm happy with the fit of the coat. With my long torso I hate it when the sleeves don't reach my wrists. This coat just barely does when standing, and doesn't when I reach foward as I would for driving. As for the around the middle fit, it's fine. I usually buy L t-shirts. Since this was meant to be a winter coat, I figured I would always have something heavy on under it.

I'll take some pics. The wife's away, the honey-do's she knows about are done, so I got time to kill!

-= chuck
I understand with the velcro noise. Not a good quick draw also. I do not have the leather, but any of most of my hand guns fit in there perfectly. I have not had any floating problems, but my sw compact is the smallest I have carried. The extra space is good I use it for for mags.

So the spinning problem. I would feel uncomfortable with that with my double action and no safety.

I am thinking the leather must be different in design.
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See for yourself


OK, you can't see the outline of the pocket too well, but all 4 pistols are within it's boundaries.

Here they are all inside:

Side shot of the pocket with all 4 in there:

And I have to admit, the Mini doesn't quit fit!

I don't think I would ever trust my 1911 in there, on condition 1.

-= chuck
This is weird.... I thought the SigTac jackets had a built in elastic holster
in them, and that it just wasnt only a huge pocket. The builtin seemed to
cater to medium-large size autos, IIRC. At least this was on the Tobacco
SigTac that a friend of mine got.

Personally, I won't carry a gun in a pocket unless it's inside a pocket holster.

I'm not a big fan of carrying a gun inside my coat pocket -- if I take off the coat, then the gun is no longer on my person...
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What, do need a user's manual for a coat?!

What I described in my post as an inside chest pocket, is I think what Producer's talking about. Turns out that, for lacking a better analergy, there's a yagui slide like patch inside the pocket. Until Producer had me looking all around for an elastic, I never notice the "pocket" had a hole in the bottom! It's not looking so bad anymore. Hold's both my 1911 and Glock 26.

And for those who don't like taking the jacket off with a gun in the pocket, well I don't like talking it off when I'm using a holster either. I've never had a shirt-tucker. Anything else and you're showing when the coat comes off; unless you shirtails hanging out, even then it would take an IWB. I haven't found a comfortable one of those yet. As long as I retain control of the coat I feel I'm OK.

happy holidays,
Hey Chuck,

In mine, there's an elastic "holster" part that's sewn onto the lining inside the pistol pocket. Feel around on the inside part of the lining of the pocket (the side that's against your chest). That elastic band can hold anything.

You can ask MrTwigg and Tele_mark, I was wearing mine today and was concealing both a Colt Delta Elite and a S&W M&P.
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I have the same issue with taking the coat off. I love the idea, but I know I am the type of guy who would loose his head if it wasn't screwed on. No purse/coat carry for me, I need to set and forget it.
Chuck, have you thought about taking it to a tailor to get the velcro out and a zipper put in? Might cost $15, but then you'd be able to do a one-handed draw. Maybe not all that quiet...
I looked at this jacket today and I'm thinking of buying one. I don't want the leather version but wanted to know if this thing will actually keep you warm on cold days like today? I spend a lot of time outside and don't want to freeze my arse off!!!
The non-leather Keeps my arms warm in 40 degree weather. Would not push it past that.

With any winter jacket its easier to conceal, making this thread moot.
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