Sig P239 is one weird little gun


Mar 19, 2014
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The Sig P239 makes no sense to me. It's heavy like a brick, holds only 8 rounds, difficult to carry compared to the competition, bore-axis like a school bus and damn expensive.....

.....and yet I love to shoot the damn thing. It comes along on almost every range trip. Today put 200 rounds through it without a hiccup, easily hitting the steel at 25 yards. Stretched it to 50 yards, and while the groups certainly opened up, it still connects as long as I'm disciplined w my booger hook.

Anyone else out there love the P239? such as weird ass gun....certainly defies the gun logic for me.
I've got one in 357 Sig. It's my most common C/C pistol. I did replace the factory grips, settled down on Hogue wood ones. The rubber Hogue's were grabbing my shirt, the factory grip was like holding a bar of soap, the wood grip split the difference. Love shooting it, and annoying the hell out of a 2'x2' target backer at 100yds.
P239 is "another one" that I regret selling. I thought I needed a "newer lighter" design for CC but I really miss that pistol. OP mentioned its limitations but they are outweighed by its otherwise near perfection.
Mine has Heinie Straight-8's and thin Hogue Extreme G10's. If I could have only ONE handgun this would be it. OP is not hallucinating...
I love mine too. It's been my CC since I got it about 2 years ago. Haven't carried it recently though and just bought a shield. Going to give that one a try.
Miss mine, but not the caliber. Had it in 40. Was heavier than most carry guns, BUT it hid very well in a leather OWB holster under a windbreaker type jacket. Great gun.
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