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Jun 3, 2006
Metrowest, MA
Nice stuff! Here are some shots of mine:

Clockwise, from top left: Uberti "Remington 1875 in .44-40, Old Vaquero in .44-40, and a pair of New Vaquero's in .357.

Clockwise from top left: S&W Victory, in .38 Spl, 1949 vintage S&W M&P 2" barrel in .38 Spl. Late 60's S&W Model 10, and similar vintage Model 34 in .22 LR

A couple of Model 19's: 80's vintage snubbie with Ahrends retro maple boot grips, and a mid-70's 4" with John Culina black walnut grips.

A trio of L-frames in .357: 4" 1987 vintage 686 with VZ 320 grips in Predator Green, 1983 vintage 586 4" wearing VZ 320's in Black Cherry, and 2015 686+ with 3" barrel, and Ahrends maple retro combat round butts.

A couple of large frame Smiths: Top is a 80's vintage S&W 28-2 4" with Ahrends retro combat square butt grips. Bottom is a 2006 vintage S&W model 22 (.45 ACP) with Ahrends maple retro targets.

A couple of Colts: 70's vintage Detective Special (.38 Spl) in Nickel, and 1918 vintage Model 1917 in .45 ACP.

Thanks for looking,

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