Shotgun Light Part 2

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May 21, 2010
Emmond's Field in the Two Rivers
So thanks again for those that helped in the last thread.

I bought an Odin Works MLOK mount for my Remington 870 Magpul. I watched a video on YouTube if a guy installing an MLOK mount in about 5 seconds. "No problem" I figured and sat down at the table to install it.

An hour later I have a bunch of tools on the table, a soaked sweat rag and a Dremel with a dead battery. I'm snorting lines of crushed blood pressure medication and profusely apologizing to the cat I punted across the room.

The only thing I accomplished was marking up the hand guard and giving myself a mild stroke.

Here is the shotgun


Here is the mount.


My question is this:

Is there more than one size MLOK? There is absolutely NO WAY this thing will mount on the Magpul furniture!

On the Magpul website, they state that it can be hard to mount on a "virgin" price of furniture . I am not doing it wrong, it simply doesn't fit.
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