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Shop Chat


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May 24, 2005
Just east of Zone 9, but in Worcester County.
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I remember years ago, walking into Horton's on Rt 135 in Downtown Framingham with my dad and there would be guys just chatting away all over the store. Sports, politics, hunting, fishing, etc. I swear it took hours to get some shopping done just becuase you'd say hello to everyone.

I don't see that as much anymore. In most gun shops, you kind of feel 'dirty' as you walk in. Like you don't really belong. The staff are all behind the counters and the tone is rarely one of enthusiasm. Nobody really is chatting, the product is invading the isles so that groups larger than two would be hard pressed to fit.

I realize the business is a real tight margin, but it really lost a lot of the old charm. Even the 'smell' I remember as a kid isn't there anymore.

Anyone remember what I mean? I'm not saying all shops are like this all the time, but it's just different now. More business, less destination.
Chris - you need to stop into Callaghan's in Marlboro or K&R Target Sports in Hudson more. Richie Callaghan has 2-3 chairs in his shop that people freely perch in and pass the time of day with him, and at K&R, people are always there BS'ing with Roy.

some shops are like you describe, but there are still some friendly shops out there.
Fairground Traders in Brockton is like that too.

Places like Four Seasons are just too busy, too many people in there so this isn't practical. The help are friendly and helpful but there's no opportunity to just chat in there.

I know what you mean because when I got into shooting the secretary of our club had a shop in his attached garage. He was a local cop and a group of us used to hang out there on Saturdays and shoot together on Sundays. Sadly, those days are long gone!
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