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Shooters Outpost - Hooksett, NH

Discussion in 'Gun Shops and Reviews' started by NHKevin, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Tiktock


    Mar 26, 2007
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    Plaistow, NH
    I agree this is fair! I didnt jump back into the discussion much as I felt bad things went a bit south. I was honestly just curious about the experience as it seemed to different than any other Nh gun shop i've visited.

    I think its fair to have a policy where employees need to get confirmation before they turn away honest business. That being said, store policies should be universally known and enforced by employees and the count of employee is completely irrelevant. This isnt any different than any other of the thousands of business that establish policies, write them down and expect their employees to follow them as part of their job function.

    I was more put off by the attitude of the guy behind the counter than anything else. I get annoyed when people talk to me like I'm a moron or would-be criminal simply because I am not aware of non-industry-standard store policies that apparently dont actually exist and in relation to cited regulations and laws that also dont actually exist.
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  2. 2tango2


    Jan 2, 2013
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    9 times out of 10 you're going to see Jim or Cary on the floor and if you have a perceived "slight" they are usually available to get it sussed out

    Zero issues with Shooters or any of their policies.

    Hell if you go to any Walmart and buy ammo in NH they are supposed to ask for an ID. It's hit or miss.....

    And for people think that Shooters is being overly cautious, read Jim's post a couple of pages back.

    This isn't 1986 anymore folks. The world and litigation sue happy atmosphere has quadrupled.....

    The amount of turmoil and employee turnover down the street is unreal. Pretty steady crew at Shooters and I usually am there 3-4 times a week to check out the huge used firearms section, probably the largest south of KTP

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  3. GM-GUY

    GM-GUY NES Member

    May 27, 2008
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    North Central Mass
    I tried to contact Shooters through their site, Facebook & here via PM. Radio silence, nothing.

    I was looking to buy Nosler Ammo (Nosler site IDs them as a vendor). I was looking for a case of hunting 308 (~$450) - and I got nothing. I wanted to support my local gun shop, especially one listed as a vendor.

    I’ll still stop by when in the area, but I won’t make a special trip.

    Btw: I bought the ammo through Gun Broker (a place in Utah) sent them a .pdf if my Mass LTC and it’s on it’s way to me.
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  4. PennyPincher

    PennyPincher NES Member

    Aug 27, 2007
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    Call them.
  5. jpk


    Jan 5, 2013
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    I like their stock of used firearms, they filled a hole left when Ralph sold Riley's

    Shooters prices are not particularly competitive compared to other shops but they're not gouging at same time

    They've hidden away all parts, accessories, magazines upstairs and you cant see what is hanging from wall and the staff have no clue what they have either......so its an effort in frustration trying to find anything even when you know exactly what you want

    the magazine situation is full on retarded as are the ID policies......comply with state law and stop making excuses for going full retard......there are no laws about someone coming to NH and buying mags/ammo as a gift for a NH relative or even using it while here in NH......nor are there any laws against a person from mAss purchasing ammo and going back to mAss with it.......asking folks for ID is simply retarded and accomplishes nothing...........there are a bunch of shops in the area including riley's that arent retarded about this crap

    Their business and their choices regarding policies/ID etc......Shooters is at best a last resort at this point and I'd much rather do business with shops that are "friendlier"
  6. Golddiggie

    Golddiggie NES Member

    Dec 9, 2012
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    Pelham, NH
    IME, calling them works well. I've also emailed them and had a response in a reasonable amount of time (within a day IIRC). But, if I want info quickly, nothing beats a phone call.

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