shoot cost

yes, we at Manville are a bargain.
But we also have one less pit to shoot in than we used to. So tend to have 2 regular large stages, and 2 shorter stages, and don't make use of elaborate props as some other matches do.
And Steves right, we still award free shoots, but just winning class doesn't get you one. You have to meet requirements of a certain number of competitors in class and division
Like say you're one of 2 B shooters in Limited 10, you're not getting a free shoot just because you win B class in Limited 10, you only beat one guy in your class.
The criteria for free shoot was any of the following:
win your division, provided there were at least 5 people in the division
win your class in your division, provided there were at least 4 others in your class in that division
finish first in overall results

All the other local outdoor pistol matches were $20 in the NE section last year.
Manville is a bit smaller than most of the other clubs in the section, but, they have put on challenging matches. They definately give the best bang for the buck. The lowest entry, and the do give back to the shooters. I only shot a few matches there last season, but plan on going back this year.
I also enjoy shooting at Manville. They give you more bang for the buck for sure. The stages are always thought out and clever. Bass River on the Cape does very well too..........Both places have great folks.
Westfield's outdoor matches are $20.00 like Harvard's, I don't know how much Bass River is. Since the indoor matches held at Smith & Wesson Shooting Center and the price $25.00 it seems that the rental is $5.00 a head. Maybe it's more, but hardly can be $20.00.
Dan S said:
GTOShootr said:
Matt stays up late the night before thinking up his stages.
After the "Paperboy" stage, I think stage design might be alcohol induced! [lol]

I'm just kidding, Matt spends about five minutes planning them but they are always good. He only stays up late at night thinking of new ways to kick our asses. Paperboy was Paul's stage. He doesn't need alcohol (or caffeine!) to think up evil stages. Mark A and Mary built some cool stages there too. I liked the one that simulated the hole Saddam was found in.

Bottomline: For $15-20 you get your money's worth.
Steve's right again
Sometimes I think them up the night before, and sometimes i drive a little bit slower to the match so I can think it up as I drive there.
Sometimes I even have to stop and get a McGriddle to help the thought process.
I'm surely not going to deny there have been alcohol inspired stages

There have also been current event stages, like the butterfly ballot voting booth stage from 2003 and the Raid at the Smoke Shop stage complete with peace pipe after THE MAN kept the RI Native Americans down.
I'm kind of running out of ideas since it's been something like 5 years of us setting up a stage a month for like 8 months of the year.
So i steal them from other matches from time to time. I dont believe in setting up overly difficult stages because I believe setting those up is deterimental to the average shooter. A challenge everyone can complete is what I like to set up. I don't care if someone thinks it's easy, it may be, but can you do it very faster and more accurately than everyone else? As that's what the sport is measured by.

and yes, I stay up late thinking up how I'm going to beat you all.
And after last months performance at AFS, I don't plan on sleeping until Sunday night.
I've enjoyed the matches that I've been able to shoot at Manville, as you might have gathered from my earlier post. I look forward to shooting with you again.
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