Shipping gold chain from Fla to Ma?

I assume delivering rubber lingerie models and fleshlights to a certain member would have been on that list as well?
hey, anything was possible. Funny thing, we had a package break open once and it had a lot of "toys " in it. [rofl]
Someone check this IP and see if he's posting from Vegas? Are you serious? Respectfully..I'm kind of confused if it's 180grams which I'm almost positive it's around that wouldn't it just be the price of gold X the weight...180gX73? 13,140....I'm not sure of today's gold per gram I used 73 as an example. Again... respectfully...why would it be half that for melt? That blows ...but I would never sell it just wondering why TY

Sorry, I've never been to Vegas or NV. You are also calculating the value incorrectly. You can't use the total 180 grams as the weight of the gold because it is not pure gold. You said it was 10K. Use the link below for yourself to calculate the gold value. It's pretty simple to use and is based on the live spot price. If it's 14K or 18K, it is worth a lot more. Instead of selling it as scrap, you could also have it put up for auction. It will cost you 15% to 18% for a commission fee, but you will still get much more for it than 50% of the spot price. The calculator also has a disclaimer stating that you should not expect to get full value for it if you scrap it.

Rob, in the original post the OP said the gold had no monetary value. If he gets 50% of spot, that is still half of $5,800.
Since insurance is intended to make one whole (up to the coverage limit), the insurance company would owe him what it would cost him to replace the item, not what a we-buy-gold place would give him.

A friend was burgled and his wife lost a significant number of gold chains. The insurance company made him an offer: We will pay at the wholesale rate it would cost us to buy that, or we will replace with like kind, but we will not pay you at retail. My wife had the diamond fall out of her ring, and the insurance company sent us to a place in the jeweler's building in Boston and arranged for a "same or slightly better" replacement (and they did deliver to our satisfaction) rather than pay our replacement co$t.
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So TY very much for all the advice and Father actually sent it to me before I could even get down their. It's actually smaller than I recall (that's what she said) but still very nice. It's 96 grams without the pendant which he kept for now, and 18k gold made in Greece it's stamped n20 and 750 as well as the company name in Greece called Fa.Ca.Doro? Going by memory but I googled it and def made in Greece early 80s ish my Father went their a dozen times but thought it was from Venezuela. He sent it registered mail and literally 2 days to get here signed and locked up at every place so ty for the advice... I feel like Mr t I'm not a jewelry guy no watch or chain but it's def nice so ty guys and I'll be going down soon.
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