SF article

Sorry, but if gang members think they can kill without getting caught, I don't think a handgun ban is going to crimp their style.

Hey...that actually sounds like logic. Wow...in SF no less.

Actually, it's a decent article. Too bad it'll fall on blind eyes out there.
I am too. At least it made it to the papers. So some people are going to see it. If it changes at least 5% of the people that read the paper, it could sway the results if it has to go to vote again.

But you wnat to talk logic...I like this coming from a local cop.

"Go by Bayview Police Station," one S.F. cop e-mailed me, "and look at the wall with all the gun photos. Not one of them was owned legally. No self-respecting gangster is going to abide by this new law, if they won't abide by the old ones."
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