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SSG US Army Retired, 11B Infantry/38A Civil Affairs, 1986 to 2014 with a few gaping holes of being IRR - 22 creditable years service (10 RA, 4 USAR, 10 ARNG)

Berlin, Panama, Ft Campbell, Ft Bliss, Ft Lewis, Kosovo, Iraq, and various other sundry places here and there. I've been on every continent except Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. I've been in very hot places and very cold places, in very dry places and very wet places, in very flat places and very mountainous places, and very friendly places and very hostile places - all mixed together to develop that special kind of misery that only the army can find (and I loved all of it!)

TLDR: A knuckle dragging grunt
i put the vote in for USAF

but I was actually NJ ANG
108th CAM Sq out of McGuire AFB
Avionics Technician on the F105B thunderchief.
when the "thud" developed a nasty habit of having a wing fall off in flight they gave us the F4

don't think the unit is around anymore. I recently did a search for them, and all's I came up with was the other ANG unit at McGuire the 170th which is now an air refueling unit. and the 177th which is a FIG out of atlantic city.
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