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semi auto .22LR pistol recommendation

Ruger Mark or Browning Buckmark or Challenger.

I've never had much luck with other 22 semis.

I did pick up a kadet kit for my CZ, but actually have never used it yet. Most online reviews that I've seen are good though.
Another vote for the Ruger MkIV. Mine has been accurate and flawless and it's fun to be able to upgrade or add on parts.
Same here, and you can usually get an older one for short money. I have tow MkIV's and they have been nothing but superb, I had a stainless MKII that was practically new for short money a few years back and I absolutely kick myself for selling it!
Is that still a handgun or an SBR? (jk)

I need this, can you send me the rifle manufacturer?
Not an SBR. It's a Buck Mark Varmint model - per website NLA. [sad]

Buck Mark Varmint Suppressor Ready

Someone sold me everything but the serialized receiver so I upgraded by existing Buck Mark pistol. Harris bipod and red dot were my additions
Get one that runs unreliably and unpredictably so you can practice instinctual clearing drills aka Sig Mosquito
NES what should I get?

NES: Ruger or Buckmark.

Buys a TX22.

it`s a fun little thing, but, no mark4. but he already has a mark4, so, it is kinda a futile effort, a prodigal son wondering around only to come back, eventually, to what`s right. :p
Just don’t…
After a bit of a break in period. I’ve come to like my Glock G44.

Great analog for my G19

Was pinging steel at 25 yards with it without effort and at speed.

I’ll probably use it at my next steel challenge

I like my SR-22. Small, But reliable

I had a mosquito. Ok. A few hiccups, sold it. No regrets

My 22/45. Was great until I recently upgraded the trigger. So now I have ti dive into it. But stock it was fine.

Buddy has a TX-22. I laughed at first, but it was a decent gun (and it had a suppressor, so it had that in its favor (NH)).

ETA: a pic of the quiet 22

My pointy elbows… IMG_3400.png
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Get the one that fits your hands and runs reliably. SR22's are for child hands,..

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This. The Taurus TX22 fits my hands waaaaay better than the SR22. The SR22 fits my wife’s hands well
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pulled the trigger on the TX22 today
Nice. Now get the lightning grip loader with the TX22 adapter.

Oh and some plus 5 extensions since you’re in ME
One vote for the Ruger SR-22. I have several; many of my "students" have more. So far as I am aware, all have been nearly flawless, which is unusual in a .22 auto.
I had 2 i probably put 15000 thru one and 4000 thru Another

Good 22s
SR-22 with a very few cheap modifacations. Replacing the factory extractor and the slide spring improves reliability.
I realize that the OP has already purchased a .22, so this is for anyone else shopping around for a .22. One that hasn't already been mentioned, but I'd give serious consideration to is the Browning 1911-22. It's an 85% scale version of a 1911, and they're a lot of fun to shoot. They also come in a .380 version. Here's a photo of my 1911-380 shown next to one of my full size 1911s:


AM looking for one. I've read reviews all over the internet and you know they are up and down. I've had a Ruger MKIV, and it was great but I'm looking for one like the Walthers, the Taurus TX22, Sig 322.
The Sig 322 would be my first choice over the Taurus since I have 9mm Sigs. But one review I read said it was very ammo fussy. The Taurus, I talked with one guy at my club who had a TX22 and he said it was reliable. I like that it has a 16 rd mag and comes with 2. I don't know anything else about any of the others so that is where I need some hands on reviews from owners. Thanks
Walther p22
Do you own a 1911 , if you do get a Marvel Conversion . Most accurate 22 pistol ive ever shot bar none! Plus you get to practice with your 1911 trigger and frame.
This! Steel Challenge approved!

Also, my TX22 runs like a top and has a very nice trigger.
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