WTS Seasoned Harwood Firewood For Sale - $175 A Cord "Cash & Carry"

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Jan 18, 2013
We have seasoned firewood for sale here in Leicester, MA (Worcester County). I have 14 cords left to sell, this isn't junk wood, this is all hardwood, red oak, white oak, birch and maple. We live on 40 acres and heat our house with wood and all of this wood has been cut, harvested, split and stacked by me.
All wood is between 1-2 years seasoned. I don't want to borrow a truck and deal with the hassle of delivery, therefore, I'm charging $175 a cord cash & carry. Wood on Craig's List in this area is going for $200-$225 a cord delivered so I figured $175 a cord is pretty reasonable & fair. Will consider discounts for purchase of 5 cords or more. I'm not looking to trade this wood for any other products or service, only looking to sell outright.

Forms of payment accepted are good ol' cash & PayPal for convenience if you'd rather use a credit card.

Please PM me here or text me @ 508-353-1775 if interested or wish to discuss further.

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