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SBR'ing a pre Healy lower


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Apr 9, 2012
Reading this again, I'm calling shenanigans. This person submitted a form 1 and received a response on his application in under six months? Ha!!!

Submit your forms and good luck.
Just relaying what was said.
Also either I did a poor job telling the story or you misread, but the person I spoke with never said anything about submitting any forms or receiving any response. The letter referenced was from ATF to dealers from what I understood. Or maybe it was a situation where he asked a question and got a verbal answer over the phone or email and they followed up with a letter? I dont know other than he wasnt saying he was rejected and received a letter, he was stating a friend of his showed him a copy of the letter from ATF stating they werent approving sbr apps from MA submitted after 9/'17. Dont know whether the friend is a dealer but that was the impression I got.

eta- Tbh, Im assuming the letter was to dealers or a dealer, or possibly just to a random individual. I never asked him who his friend was or under what circumstances he got a letter from ATF.
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