WTS Ruger Vaquero (Large frame) Stainless. 44 Magnum - $500


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Oct 12, 2008
South of Boston, MA
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Location. South Shore

Ruger Vaquero (Large frame) stainless. 44 magnum with original grip frame and birds head with Altamont hard wood grips. Sorry no box but a beautiful custom holster for the cowboys.

$500 (No tax!! Not a business. Not an FFL.)

Just to help with numbers for the perpetual tire kickers. Yes there is no box. That said the extra stainless birds head frame is $110 when you can find it. The birds head grip is $50 plus S&H. The holster, hmmm let’s just call it $20. That said you get a 44 Magnum tank of a handgun for $320 plus transfer. Now before some keyboard commando types I’ll take it for $320 let me just say no now. Price is the price and you get what you see.

Only trade towards
S&W 686
S&W 617
S&W 63
S&W 43c
Colt King Cobra 22LR

FFL Transfer ($30 That’s less than sales tax if you could get same firearm at same price at your FFL)
Please check out my other firearms for sale on this site.

All Laws Followed. All firearms registered in Massachusetts.

No out of state sales please


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