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Ruger crane/cylinder lubrication

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Jan 10, 2008
North of the Border
I bought a used Ruger Security Six a couple of weeks ago (pic here), and stripped it down to clean and lube it. The cylinder wouldn't spin freely when open, although you could turn it by hand and it seemed to function OK in DA mode. When I tore it down, the crane/cylinder mating surfaces were "lubed" with something the consistency of putty. Once I cleaned all of the "putty" off, I lubed everything with gun oil, reassembled, and lo and behold, the cylinder spun..... like crazy. Way too free, and I didn't like the way it rattled on the crane. I took it all apart, cleaned it again, and this time packed the race where the detents ride with wheel bearing grease, and left a light coat on the crane underneath the cylinder as well. I like the feel of it, and no more rattle, but is there something else I should have in there? Should I pack the center of the cylinder where the crane passes through or is a light coat sufficient?

The current solution was enough to get me to the range, which was my main goal, but I'd like to put it right. The DA trigger is also much better with the gummed up oil gone from the internals and some fresh in its place! [smile]
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