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Road Idiots

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by EddieCoyle, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. EddieCoyle

    EddieCoyle Consigliere Moderator NES Member

    Nov 11, 2005
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    Northern, MA
    Ken, I like your style. You can ride with me anytime. We'll get there quick too.

  2. Cptn5spd


    Jul 25, 2005
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    Rhode Island
    My brother-in-law came up with the best solution for this. Everyone's cell phone # should be thier license plate number. You could easily just call the idiot and tell them to move. I thought it was "brilliant" (Guiness commercial)
  3. Jose

    Jose Guest

    Ahhh, we found another non-thinker who equates speed limits with safety.

    Speed limits, particularly limited access road speed limits, have absolutely nothing to do with safety because they are set arbitrarily.

    Find me a road in the United States with a speed limit supported by a traffic engineering study that indicates it was set to accomodate the 85th percentile speed in that stretch and I will give you $100.

    It is self-righteous people with your attitude that make driving in the US such a f***ing hassle and driving in Western Europe such a pleasure.
  4. Another_David


    Jul 13, 2005
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    Eastern Mass.
    This is one of those topics that really gets me going...

    I don't care how fast or slow you are going, if you're in a multilane road and someone is behind you and obviously wants to pass and there is no one in the right lane obstructing you--MOVE OVER!

    Driving is not a race; it's not a contest.

    Lane discipline is seriously not just a courteously but a real safety issue. Passing on the right disrupts traffic flow and puts people at risk.

    For the record, I detest people that tailgate or do anything with their car to complete strangers that they wouldn't do to their own mother.
  5. daceman63

    daceman63 Guest

    I stopped at DD's in Westwood for coffee this morning and a state cop was parked there waiting for the place to open. So as it was I was behind him in line and we pretty much left in the same order. No light bar on the top of his cruiser. He bopped onto rt 1 and then 128 south and I was keeping my distance and noticed we both made a bee line for the left lane. He was in front of a truck changing lanes and I was behind the same truck as I changed lanes. It turned out we ended up with a couple of cars between us.

    Must be a ford day though....

    The cop seemed either to be in a hurry or not wanting to disrutp the flow of traffic. So he and the two car between us and me are tooling down the left lane at 80mph. At least that's what my speed-o-meter said. Well a red mustang comes up on my right.....did I say we, including the cop are doing 80. Thsi guy passes me and the two cars in front to go around....then brake lights. I was laughing my a$$ off...so now this mustang is riding the right rear quarter of the cop car......this was all happening as we passed rt 24....So I notice a ford f-250 to my right.....he obviously didn't see the cop and hadn't payed any attention to what the mustang did so he speeds up, we're all still doing around 80....flys up behind the mustang makes a violent cut to the right probably trying to get goo d position for the split or the Braintree exit and then.........BRAKE LIGHTS!!!!!

    So now it's the cop car in the left lane, the mustang in the next lane on his quarter panel and the truck in the next lane on the mustang's quarter panel doing 80.

    By this time the two cars cleared from in front of me so the view was even better.

    I was laughing so hard I almost couldn't control my car.....because all I was thinking about was this thread I read yesterday.....

    Nobody got pulled over and then we were approaching the split so everything slowed down. but I thought it was all pretty funny after reading all the posts yesterday....
  6. Jose

    Jose Guest

    daceman, that's the stupidity that our brainwashing against speed has created.

    In Germany, the cop would have yeileded the left lane after a few cars gave him the high beam flash and traffic would have left hin behind without a second thought.

    People who have never driven in Europe have no idea how f***ed up driving in the US really is.
  7. daceman63

    daceman63 Guest

    I've always wondered why the speed limits are so low and the cars are designed and built to go so fast. I was actually driving at 55mph today.....on my way home on 128 by University Ave in Dedham......I didn't feel like fighting with the traffic so I stayed in the travel lane...All I could think was how slow this was. 55mph...it was like I wasn't moving. I could barely pay attention to the road and driving...I was bored. lol

    I've never been to europe let alone driven there so I'm not familair with the road design. But anyone who has driven around here knows that at rush hour 495, 90, 128, 24, 95, 93 and 3 are parking lots for the most part. One accident jams up all the highways and even if the speed limit was faster you couldn't do it anyway.....so i'm really not sure if unlimited speed could be supported by our roadways here in Mass. The midwest is a different story....mor ewide open and could probably support higher speeds.

    The middle of the night maybe on 90 heading west or 495 either way.....but anytime during the day between the two rush hours definately not.
  8. Jose

    Jose Guest

    Europe has its share of jams and wrecks as well. Also, all of Europe except Germany has freeway speed limits. However, the majority of freeway limits in the continent is 120 km/h (75 mph), with Italy having a 150 km/h (90 mph) limit on many of its Autostradas. A few tiny countries like Denmark and Holland have slower limits like 100 to 110 km/h (62 to 68 mph).

    The huge difference is that they seem to post their speed limits with ideal conditions in mind, while we seem to post ours as if to delibreatly choke traffic.

    Your example is perfect. When traffic is congested, a 55 mph speed limit is unecessary because traffic regulates itself to whatever the conditions will allow. When conditions are perfect, a 55 limit is unecessary because modern vehicles will allow much faster speeds with safety unless you are on a portion of the road with a really poor design. Still, some streches of badly designed roadway are not reason enough to slow the entire network down. I've driven in Mass a few times and there is NO reason that the majority of the freeway/turnpike system in your state cannot be posted at 75 mph. Rush hour slows itself down just fine without a set of numbers on a road sign.

    Here in Ohio we are stuck with an idiotic 65 mph limit, when most of our Interstate network can support 75 with ease.

    I drive about 20 miles of four lane (two in each direction) I-75, then about 5 miles of six lane. I 75 has a lot of truck traffic as we are a major artery for the auto industry that stretches from Ontario to Tennessee along the way. The right lane this afternoon was loaded with trucks, and we had ONE dickhead backing up traffic for one or two miles easy by gliding at 60 - 65 mph on the left lane and not ducking into the gap between trucks to let faster traffic flow.

    As soon as the a**h*** moved over, the bottleneck eased itself and traffic resumed its 75 - 80 mph flow in complete safety. A few miles later I-75 opened up to three lanes each way and traffic flowed even more efficiently.

    American freeway speed limits are mostly a joke because they are not set using sound civil engineering guidelines.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 9, 2007
  9. daceman63

    daceman63 Guest

    and to this point, the traffic is going 75 most of the time anyway aside from rush hour in which you said the traffic regulates itself anyway.

    And most of time if I'm doing 75 I am not in the left lane as I would be going too slow...lol Someone mentioned it in an earlier post that the reason is to generate revenue through speeding fines....

    Most people drive at a comfortable speed for the road design and condition.

    I'm not going to fly down the jamaica way at 60 mph because it is so winding that it is not comfortable.....but 40 mph is a doable speed in that road as aopposed to the 30mph they post. I find that most poeple don't want to "speed" because of the fines but the do want to move along at a reasonable pace based on the conditions....
  10. Jose

    Jose Guest

  11. bazfoo


    Jan 20, 2006
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    There are towns in MA that deliberately post the wrong limit. As you might imagine, they post limits lower than they actually are.

    Newton seems to be expecially bad. I drive through Newton every day to go to work. Even though they post incorrect limits, I've been pulled over 3 times for speeding, yet have never actually been fined. Only warnings. Maybe they know the signs are bs?

  12. Jose

    Jose Guest

    Hey Pilgrim, are you listening? Or are you still blindly toeing the line that speed limits as used in the US have any meaning or safety benefit?
  13. NH40VE


    Dec 30, 2005
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    that's how i am...(without newspaper)i may do 5-10 over and pass once in a while but 90% of the time,i'm in the right lane.(one to many times i'v missed my exit speeding along in the left lane.)

    of course my car doesn't really like the highway anyway..(she likes back road driving better)[smile]so i try not to take it if i can..
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2007
  14. KMaurer

    KMaurer Moderator NES Member

    Mar 9, 2005
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    Litchfield, NH
    Some of us can't relax if they're driving fast; others can't relax when they could safely be going faster. As long as you're doing it safely, de gustibus non disputandem est.

  15. Nashmack

    Nashmack Banned

    Jun 7, 2006
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    Nashua, NH
    I really don't care if you'd like to stay in the middle lane of 495 doing 45 MPH, or the left lane of 2. My 9,000 pound (empty) International has a nice chrome bumoer out front and does NOT have crumple zones, however the rear of YOUR car does.

    I just took one off of 495 NB before the Chelmsford rest area on Friday. One dick was doing about 55 in the left lane and got rear ended. the 2 vehicles involved were able to pull into the median, and were far enough off the roadway that they weren't a hazard. There were no police there, no tow trucks, no EMS, etc, when due to curiosity there was another rear ending in the right lane.

    Would anyone like me to go out in my impound lot and start posting pictures of the aftermath of doing the "speed limit" in the far left lane?

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