RIGUNRIGHTS Action Alert: Several Anti-Gun Bills Headed to Rhode Island General Assem

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Feb 6, 2009
Rhode Island
This post is a copy of an email that I received tonight. Please plan on being at the RI Statehouse on 3/22.


I’ll keep email as short as possible.

This coming Tuesday 3-22-16 the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee will hold public hearings for*ALL firearms related bills*- both good and* bad.* The anti-gun bills range from magazine capacity restrictions to gun-free zones and gun confiscation* regulations. We also have several pro-gun bills slated for the same night as well such as complete CCW reform and automatic CCW renewals.

In 2013 we had over 1000 gun owners show up at the state house and (Against all odds) stopped the cavalcade of anti-gun legislation dead in its tracks.* We MUST do this again. The bills are no better and in some cases even worse. We cannot have a poor showing at the state house like we did last year. They’ll be hundreds in attendance from the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence (Funded by Mayor Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety.) working tirelessly to take away your gun rights. Please do all you can to show up and protect YOUR OWN rights.

Hearings typically start at the rise of the House, around 4pm and will be held in room 101. You can sign up in opposition to the anti-gun bills and in support of the pro-gun bills. Feel free to prepare testimony or simply show up to support our folks who do testify. The RI 2nd*Amendment Coalition has the bills listed on their site so feel free to read up on which bills are good and which are bad. (http://www.ri2nd.org/)

Please feel free to share this information with others and expect a text message alert tomorrow and Monday as well. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Glenn Valentine

Vice President

Rhode Island Firearm Owners’ League

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