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Jan 2, 2016
Middleboro, Taxachusetts
I just noticed this forum under Training and thought I would give my 2 cents about a class at Ridgeline Precision Rifle that I took last month in Dalton, NH.

First a little about my shooting experience and why I wanted to take their course. I have been shooting bullseye 22 with my father for about 6 years, also did 22 rifle benchrest matches with him and joined his club and started doing IDPA as well. A few years back I wanted to try centerfire benchrest matches so I began with a Remmington 308 and dove in to reloading for accuracy. Last year I bought a nice rifle, a Tikka CTR in 6.5 creedmoor and wanted to learn more about long distance shooting, signed up for a class at Granby with Impact Precision but it canceled due to not enough students. So this year I saw on the board here mention of Ridgeline so I googled it and sent them an email and signed up for their inaugural class in April for the weekend.
They have just begun the range there and I think the week before they bulldozed an area so maybe the course description I read where it goes to 750 yards might have been high expectations on their part but it was still adequate to shoot out to 500 yards(maybe they have cleared more by now I don't know). Anyway I was not disappointed by that at all. They fed us lunch both days.
Day one was about 13 students and 3 instructors who really know their shit. We setup the rifles correctly and got them zeroed. They alternated back and forth with some instruction and some shooting both days. The morning was all done at 100 yards All shooting was prone, I wish I had brought knee pads. The course was challenging and built you up from the beginning learning the right way as opposed to picking up tips from people at the range or reading online. After lunch we did a cold bore shot and learned about that and how to track them at our own ranges. Then more drills prone getting into position at 50 yards dropping down to the rifle , take a shot , stand up , back down over and over. It was a very good drill to build up your speed getting into position. By the end of the day we had shot steel out to various distances to 500. For a beginners course they sure packed in a lot of stuff in one day, and it was a looong day.
Day 2 I had cleaned my rifle the evening before I left the range since it rained a bit and my bolt was sticking. We started out with the cold bore shot again, 8 of us this day. Moved on to drills and class instruction. We all shot with a chrono and gave our data to Dave and while he calculated our dope, we shot another drill. Then we used the dope to calculate the firing solutions for various targets and then shot them under time. We learned ranging with your reticle, also learned some introduction to wind calls and how to calculate wind. We worked with a partner to range 10 targets and then had to shoot them. Day 2 was really good training. These guys really did a great job. It was an honor and a privilege to learn from guys like Rudy, Dave and Alex. At the end of the day we all got certificates.
2 days of shooting prone was not easy for my stiff neck but I pushed thru and it was well worth it.
I wanted to learn the right way and build a foundation and I think I did that. I was very interested in shooting PRS matches and in March I had done my very first ever out in Granby making 12 hits in 8 stages(one was at 980 yards) (with a benchrest Nightforce scope that I changed to a Sig Tango6 before the class) so I saw what it was like now I need to practice, this training was a big boost. I went to my second match a week after this class I took and scored a 23 with 4 hits out past 950 yards so I doubled my previous score.
I will be going to my third match this weekend up in NH and look forward to it.

I highly recommend these guys for training if you want to learn more about rifle shooting whether it is for F-class, PRS or whatever. They have a 2.0 class I would really like to take if I can get the time , because that helps with more stuff like getting into position and further learning of wind calls out to further distances. So that will greatly aid in the PRS stuff. They have longer range classes as well and after taking this class I would definitely consider them over any other place.

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Jul 25, 2018
Ridgeline is great. Honored to be a guest instructor there and honored to know these guys personally. Alex is good friend of mine/ours and we wish him and the team the best for this new facility!
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