Restocked bnz '43 SSZA4


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Aug 29, 2008
South Shore, MA
This was a long time coming. I corrected my mistake and sold the Mario Kriegsmarine stock on eBay that I placed on it last year, recovering all my money. To replace it, another Mario special that cost less than the first. Actually the stock got lost in Amsterdam; Mario had to trace it, got it sent back to him and then to me, two months after I ordered it. This red glue laminate stock in completely unmarked. Serial 2711 on stock, hand guard, and both milled bands, the front speed milled. The "H" is so strong it is blurred, but there are no WaA's anywhere - and I really checked. The pencil numbers under the butt plate are very small, blurred and hard to read; either (3 or 5), (6 or 8), (42 or 43). With both bands still milled either date is possible (February '42 or '43); perhaps the speed milling leaning to early 43? Almost all parts on the rifle are now either WaA623, 77, or blank now. The last thing I want to do is get an all matching Steyr/Radom bolt. The only other mismatched part is the rear sight slide, WaA1.

To remove the Norwegian shellac I used stripper paste, three coats 30 minutes apart to break it up. Then I soaked a Scotch-Brite pad/sponge with mineral spirits and merely wiped off all the residue. I hand rubbed four coats of cut Tung Oil last night, and one this morning. Looking good.






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