Quote of the Day: "Shooting your wife in the face may cause trust issues"


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Feb 23, 2014
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Link to Original: http://bearingarms.com/man-shoots-naked-screaming-gay-home-invader-wife-ohio/

Text below is from article:

You can hear the audio of the 911 call (we were unable to find a way to embed it), where the terrified woman at the second home describes a naked 17-year old neighbor boy running back and forth between two homes screaming that he was not gay. At the second home, the teen screamed that he was going to sexually assault the female resident, and may have breached the door. The woman’s husband then brought up his shotgun and fired, hitting the teen in the body and his wife in the face.

As is typical of breaking news stories the story is incomplete, but we do know several things.

  • The breaching of the perimeter (for example a broken door and an attempt to gain entry) is justification for the use of deadly force, and the home invader does not necessarily need to complete entry to justify the use of deadly force (laws in your state may very).
  • A home invader does not need to be visibly armed to justify the use of deadly force in most jurisdictions.
  • Shooting your wife in the face may cause trust issues.
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