WTS Quick Draw Cartridge Holder For Single Shot Firearms

Scott A.

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Jun 14, 2009
Northeast Mass
New in package, never got a chance to use it on my Thompson Contender. $18 Paypal & shipped.


Quick Draw Cartridge Holder Kit

Readily accessible second shot holders that mount to the side of your single shot rifle or pistol barrel. The kit consists of 3 sizes of holders designed to fit all cartridges from 22 Long Rifle up to 45 caliber cartridges. These holders are attached to the side of your barrel with a high strength tube of super glue-like adhesive for a secure mount . This special adhesive allows easy removal* without damaging the finish of your barrel.
Mounts easily to most break-open single shots including Thompson Center, CVA, Traditions, H&R, etc. Installation requires only a solvent degreaser such as Acetone or Isoproyl Alcohol to clean the oils and dirt from the barrel before attaching. T/C Contenders may require some file-to-fit shaping of the QuickDraw holder if mounted next to a scope base.
* The QuickDraw holder can be easily removed by heating the barrel around the holder with a propane torch until holder can be pulled off barrel and glue residue can be cleaned off with Acetone. No damage will occur to barrels finish.
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