Question on Class A LTC in MA

Apr 28, 2005
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I have the older style LTC in MA and it is not conducive to putting it in my wallet. Does anyone know if it would possible to shrink it down and make a nice copy to fit in my wallet? I could keep the original at home and then just carry the new one in my wallet. The old style cards are too big to fit in my wallet.

Please let me know if anyone has done this or if there is any reason (legally) why I should not do it.

Thank you for your help
Unfortuneately you have to carry the original. I keep mine in my back pocket oppisite my wallet. It works out well there. Just don't forget to take it out when you do laundry.
As Derek stated, I'm all but certain that carrying a photocopy isn't legal. That said, I have modified mine ever-so-slightly by cutting a bit of the excess plastic laminate from the edges. If I hadn't, the damn thing just wouldn't fit into any wallet I had. I don't have one of the new credit card style one yet myself, but I do like the new format a lot. It's about time, IMNSHO, especially considering what we're getting gouged for at every renewal. Plus, the old ones looked as if a child made it during pre-school arts and crafts time. Not to mention that the personal information on my original LTC was covered with white out AND had my name misspelled (!). The guy who typed it must have really been having a tough day. :?

My current Class A at least has the correct information on it, although as a result of having been repeatedly saturated in water, both salt and fresh (fellow duck hunters will understand this), my face is bright pink and surrounded by a purple and yellow halo. A marked improvement, some might say... 8)


Carry the original when you're carrying. Copies won't cut it, and most of the LEO's don't have a sense of humor. I love and respect them for what they do, they just don't have a sense of humor. :D
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