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It appears that he'd rather just assign blame and not confront the problems.

3 major police unions press for more officers

By Suzanne Smalley, Globe Staff | May 17, 2006

Officials from the three major police unions appeared at the City Council's budget hearings last night to advocate for hiring more police officers, union officials said yesterday.

The lobbying effort was made on the same day that the City Council's Special Committee on Youth Violent Crime Prevention also called for more officers as it released a preliminary report detailing the correlation between police staffing and violence.

Councilor Michael Ross, who is chairman of the committee, said that the city must find more money for police officers despite losing millions of dollars in state and federal funding.

''The more police on the street, the lower the violence, but we can't do it with $85 million less than we've had in the past," he said. ''It's not acceptable for us to use that as an excuse. . . .We have to find a way of doing it."

Mayor Thomas M. Menino has so far said that the city cannot afford hundreds more officers. The department has about 1,350 patrol officers, down from about 1,460 in 2000.

Robert Kenney, president of the Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society, said he and patrol officers' union head Thomas J. Nee discussed the importance of a strong police presence at the hearing.

''We're down a lot of people, and we can't perform our major function," Kenney said. ''A lot of people have been hurt and killed, and I truly believe that it's due to the lack of manpower."

Kenney said he does not plan on pushing for pay raises at the hearing because he is far more concerned that money be spent hiring more police.

City Councilor Robert Consalvo, chairman of the council's Ways and Means Committee, said he is committed to finding the money for more police. He said last night's hearing was designed to give police officials a forum to address the department's policy and funding priorities before the council.

''I think it's clear to everybody that we need to put more officers on the street," Consalvo said. ''I am confident that this budget will include money for more officers."

Suzanne Smalley can be reached at [email protected].
And that's the problem.

If there's no one to watch the kids, the kids will play...

They want to make laws for laws that are already in place. What they need is people to enforce the laws already there... And to do that, we need more good officers.
What an a**h***. I bet if thieves were breaking into his house every night he'd make damn sure there were enough police in his own neighborhood.
How about locking up repeat offenders? The number of bad guys on the street will slowly decline over time.
Be prepared for a significant increase in street violence in Boston in the next 2 to 4 years. All the gang-bangers that were sent to ptison are coming close to release.
derek said:
How about locking up repeat offenders? The number of bad guys on the street will slowly decline over time.

But then how would all those disadvantaged poor people vote Democrat??
i seem to recall him voting himself a raise and getting it a week ot two ago on the news..could that be where the moneys gone?
im sure the officers we could pay with his income would serve the community much better than going to him..
only see

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what are we charging to see images now?

City councilors OK own raise
By O’Ryan Johnson
Thursday, May 4, 2006 - Updated: 02:11 AM EST

In a surprise move, City Council members yesterday voted themselves and Mayor Thomas M. Menino a huge pay increase, but insisted the 16.7 percent pay hike is in the range of experts’ recommendations.

Dorchester Councilor Maureen Feeney defended the raise, which she said would boost her salary from $75,000 to $87,500 per year, saying they kept the pay in line with recommendations from the compensation board.

“Pretty regularly every four years a report is given and ranges are adjusted,” Feeney said.

Menino was also handed a raise that would boost his salary from $150,000 to $175,000, Feeney said. Menino’s approval is needed before the raises go into effect. He could not be reached for comment last night

Feeney said at 16.7 percent, the pay hike would remain below that of the last increase on a percentage basis. In 2002 councilors gave Menino a 25 percent boost to his $150,000 salary and themselves a 20 percent raise to $75,000.

However, then as now, the councilors voted themselves a raise without debate and without holding a public hearing. Feeney said the Council is not required to hear from the public when deciding salaries.

“It’s not even required to have a committee report,” she said.

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