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Feb 11, 2006
I am an NRA certified law enforcement firearm instructor, and a licensed Florida firearm instructor. I travel frequently between Florida and the New England states offering firearm training classes.

Private citizens seeking to expand the number of states (30+/- additional states) that they may conceal carry their handgun in should take my Florida CCW course. As a licensed firearm instructor in the State of Florida I am more intimately familiar with the various laws, local customs, and potential litigation affecting Florida CCW license holders than other firearm instructors that are not licensed by the State of Florida.

See the State of Florida website:

Florida Concealed Weapon License Application Information - Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Concealed Weapon License Reciprocity / Concealed Weapon License / Licensing / Divisions & Offices / Home - Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Metro-Dade Firearms Training Institute provides specialized firearms training to private citizens, licensed private investigators, licensed private security officers and public civilian law enforcement officers. The following classes are currently being offered:

1) Specialized women only classes for CCW licensing in Florida and elsewhere.

2) Specialized women only handgun, shotgun, and carbine classes.

3) Specialized women only hunting firearm classes.

4) General Florida CCW classes.

5) General shotgun classes.

6) Mini 14/30, AR15, SKS, AK47, and M1 Carbine classes.

7) Initial Florida Class G licensing, and annual re-qualification classes.

8) Annual LEOSA qualification.

9) Classes in ammunition handloading procedures, and firearms maintenance.

10) Muzzleloading firearms classes.

11) Private, one on one training for all of the aforementioned classes.

I will travel to all six New England states to hold training courses.

The best way to reach me is either by PM through this website or by e-mail: [email protected]

Website is still under construction: Metro-Dade Firearms Training Institute
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