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May 3, 2010
North Shore
Absolutely terrifying to think they may need to shoot at something at anytime it their careers.
I am NOT law enforcement. I used to take PD officers that wanted to really learn to shoot to my club on weekdays when nobody was around.

I'd start them off with their service pistol and some general technique advice and work them over a period of an hour from 15 feet to 75 feet.

At the end off two hours and a couple 100 round boxes of ammo, they were consistently hitting at 75' what they started to hit at 15'. It's just some simple training and a little eye/hand discipline. Then we would have some fun. At 100 yards I'd put out a few beach balls at the base of the berm on a calm day and teach them to hit them with less than 7 shots. Then I gave them homework.

Take a 1 gallon water bottle with a handle and hold it in the gun hand with three fingers in the handle and the trigger finger around the cap, hold it at pistol sighting distance until you cannot hold it any more. Relax, rest and repeat until you are tired out. That exercise will steady a gun hand unbelievably!
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